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  • Alpaca Puppet Alpaca Puppet

    Alpaca Puppet

    Prized for their lustrous, warm fleece, Alpacas grow their long woolly coats to withstand the crisp mountain air. The Folkmanis ALPACA Puppet is as soft and gentle as a Peruvian flower. Its sweet face and ultra-soft micro fiber body plush make this...

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  • Shibu Inu Puppy Puppet Shibu Inu Puppy Puppet

    Shibu Inu Puppy Puppet

    In stock - New for 2023 The Folkmanis Shiba Inu Puppy puppet is a wonderful companion. This sweet Japanese breed is ultra-soft and has sensational movement in mouth and all four legs for interactive play. Length: 10" Long Width: 7" Wide Height: 9" Tall

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  • Angora Rabbit Puppet Angora Rabbit Puppet

    Angora Rabbit Puppet

    The Folkmanis Angora Rabbit is a sensational puppet for all ages. Lifelike with fluffy soft long pile plush and signature rabbit ears, cuddle this bunny in your arms as you move head and forelegs realistically to engage friends in delightful illusion and...

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  • Eagle Puppet Eagle Puppet

    Eagle Puppet

    A national symbol and until recently an endangered species, the bald eagle evokes pride and nostalgia. This striking Eagle puppet features feather-like brown and white plush fabric and broad, flappable wings. His beak and talons are gold-colored...

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  • Shark Puppet Shark Puppet

    Shark Puppet

    You can run but you can't swim fast enough to evade this awesome predator of the deep. Fortunately, his skin is soft velour and his teeth are vinyl, so even if he catches you, you'll feel no pain from this cuddly (but fierce!) Shark puppet. Length: 22"...

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  • Timber Wolf Puppet Timber Wolf Puppet

    Timber Wolf Puppet

    Bring home the dignity of wilderness! Featuring feathery plush & a gentle, movable mouth, this realistic Timber Wolf puppet is anything but ferocious: it's hungry for love! Length: 18" Long Width: 10" Wide Height: 9" Tall

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  • Hermit Crab Puppet Hermit Crab Puppet

    Hermit Crab Puppet

    Feeling crabby? This brilliantly colored Crab puppet can cheer you up in a pinch! With his bright orange body and soft patterned shell, he'll sidle blithely into your heart. Slip your hand inside his underside to wiggle legs and pincers. Length: 13"...

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  • Gray Bunny Rabbit Puppet Gray Bunny Rabbit Puppet

    Gray Bunny Rabbit Puppet

    The Folkmanis® Puppet population welcomes Gray Bunny Rabbit to the family. This cuddle bunny features buttery soft skin, a sweet face and velvety ears that come alive with movable mouth and all four legs. Length: 9" Long Width: 7" Wide Height: 5" Tall

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