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  • Yeti Hand Puppet Yeti Hand Puppet

    Yeti Hand Puppet

    From the mountains of Tibet comes the legendary Yeti, also known as the Abominable Snowman in western culture. The Folkmanis® Yeti is a playful version of this mythical monster with snowy white fur, 2-handed gloves for added animation plus movable...

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  • Worm in Apple Puppet Worm in Apple Puppet

    Worm in Apple Puppet

    Take a bite out of the sweet life with the Folkmanis® Worm in Apple puppet. This soft toy is a perfect introduction to engage little ones in puppetry playtime with a little peek-a-boo fun! Length: 3" Long Width: 3" Wide Height: 5" Tall

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  • Minnie Mouse Puppet Minnie Mouse Puppet

    Minnie Mouse Puppet

    A perfect pairing of heirloom quality and design expertise combined with an iconic licensed global property, Folkmanis® Puppets proudly introduces four classic Disney character puppets. Finally, Disney fans can animate and create puppetry magic with...

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  • Flower Princess Puppet

    Flower Princess Puppet

    Every little princess will be delighted with Folkmanis' FLOWER PRINCESS finger puppet. Standing 7-inches tall, Flower Princess has a sweet face; wavy, long, brown hair and is dressed in flower petals. Petal shaped fabric over-layed with organza creates...

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  • Prince Puppet

    Prince Puppet

    A charming fellow of romantic inclination, this most eligible bachelor has a fondness for poetry and princesses. Or perhaps he's Hamlet, brooding darkly. Either way, with this Prince puppet on your hand, the story is yours to tell. Hand enters from under...

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  • Firebird Ballerina Puppet

    Firebird Ballerina Puppet

    Firebird Ballerina stuns audiences in a flaming red tutu. She is fully operational as a hand puppet and with her leg pockets you can make her leap and pirouette.

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  • Royal Princess Puppet

    Royal Princess Puppet

    A jewel in the crown, the Royal Princess character puppet is demure and graceful in her tiara and formal gown. Notice the sweet twinkle in her beautifully detailed, embroidered blue eyes that beckon you to entertain her. Movable mouth and arms allow her...

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  • Frog Prince Puppet

    Frog Prince Puppet

    From the world of traditional fairy tales, this clever dual-puppet design will endlessly entertain young princesses looking for their prince charming. It's two puppets in one! On one side, FROG PRINCE is an adorable frog with his big, wide eyes and...

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  • Fiddler Puppet

    Fiddler Puppet

    Before radios and TVs, CDs and MP3s, if you wanted to hear music, most of the time you had to make it yourself. But if you were lucky, there was a village musician who'd make magic with his fiddle and bow. Make magic of your own with this enchanting...

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  • Enchanted Tree Enchanted Tree

    Enchanted Tree

    Captivating is understating the charm of the Folkmanis Enchanted TREE Puppet. Made for storytelling and all things fantasy, this magical tree has movable eyes, limbs and mouth - perfect for spellbinding fun! 8" Long 8" Wide 15" Tall

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